Water Rates Increasing in 2017

On December 8, New Strawn City Council approved a water rate increase which will be reflected on the first billing cycle in 2017.  The council had a lengthy discussion at its November meeting about a rate study performed by Kansas Rural Water Association.  The study was prompted by an announcement that the City of Burlington would be increasing its wholesale water rates by 2% on Jan. 1.  Council approved Ordinance 2016-09, an ordinance increasing water rates in the City of New Strawn.  The ordinance can be viewed in its entirety on the ‘News’ page and will raise the maintenance charge for all water users by $5 and increase the per-thousand gallons charge by 4%.  Council may consider a 1% sewer rate increase at the January meeting.  The last sewer rate increase in New Strawn occured in 2005.