After Hours Pet Registration

The City of New Strawn will be providing an opportunity for citizens to register their animals (dogs and cats)! We are offering extended hours for those that still haven’t had the opportunity to come into City Hall to register your animal(s) for 2022.  The Code Enforcement Officer will be at City Hall on March 21st from 6pm to 8 pm.  As well he will be doing registrations at the New Strawn Business Showcase on March, 31st, from 5pm to 7 pm at the New Strawn Community Building.

When registering your animal(s) you will need to bring proof of rabies vaccination from your veterinarian.   We will want information such as breed of animal and description, address, contact information and if you would like to provide a picture of your animal we will maintain the picture, so if in the event your animal is lost, we can assist you with trying to find your animal.  The picture we have can be used to assist us.

Animal registration cost are as follows:


Neutered and spayed dogs and cats’ registration fee is $ 8.00

Un – altered dogs and cats registration fee is $ 20.00


Dog and cat registrations are required within the City of New Strawn, in the event a person is found to have a dog or cat unregistered in the city they may be cited up to $500 and any cost incurred by the city related to enforcing this ordinance.

Animal registration is a way for the city to protect community and try to prevent any type of rabies incident. If you have any questions, you can contact city hall or myself (Randy Rogers) at [email protected]