New Strawn City Lake

New Strawn City Lake

About the City Lake

From an old, nearly silted in farm pond to a renovated, 3.5 acre City lake, New Strawn’s City Lake has become a center of recreational sport fishing.

Aggressive fish management by the City of New Strawn and Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department has afforded residents and visitors alike, a great fishing experience.

City lake user permit and valid Kansas Fishing License are required to fish in the New Strawn City Lake.


New Strawn City Lake was renovated as a 3 1/2 acre recreational lake for the city in 1983. The lake was an old farm pond that had become nearly silted in during the housing construction period in the 70’s and 80’s. The lake was dredged in August 1999, which added 3.22 million gallons to the capacity. Managed by the city of New Strawn and Kansas Wildlife and Parks, New Strawn City Lake is strictly for recreational sport fishing.

Sport Fishing

flatbill-new-strawn-city-lakeNew Strawn City Lake has an aggressive fish management program, consisting of: fish stocking, supplemental feeding, restrictive length and creel limits, water level management, and fish habitat development. The program is funded by the sale of city lake user permits. Regulations are a key component of the management plan and may be adjusted in the future. To ensure quality fishing, regulations are strictly enforced so bring along your rulers and current regulations. The minimum fine is $50.00 up to a $500 fine per violation. Please view our information on fish species and limits. Worms are the only live bait allowed at the lake.

What to Expect

The intensive fishery management program at New Strawn City Lake focuses on sustainable quality and quantity. Local regulations allow fish to grow to a harvestable size while providing excellent catch-and-release fishing. Length limits protect your fish, while creel limits spread the harvest over a longer period. The regulations, feeding program, enforcement, sampling, and supplemental stocking ensure a quality fishery that will exist for many years to come.


ALL persons using the lake, regardless of age, need a valid state fishing license, as well as a city fishing permit. Permits may be purchased at New Strawn City Hall, Casey’s General Store, Strawn Lumber, and Coffey County Honda.

Annual Permit: January 1st to December 31st

USD 244 resident 16 & up $5.00
Child under 16 $2.00
Non USD 244 resident 16 & up $10.00
Child under 16 $4.00

3-day permits are also available