Zoning Information

New Strawn Planning Commission will hold three public hearings on February 27, 2018, 6:00PM at the New Strawn Community Building.  Please click on the links below to read the notices in their entirety, as well as the proposed new Comprehensive Plan and model Zoning Regulations & Subdivision Regulations:

Signed Notice of Public Hearing for Comp Plan

Signed Notice of Public Hearing for Zoning & Subdivision Regulations

Model of New Strawn Comprehensive Plan

*Note:  If you would like to view the map inserts for the plan they are available at City Hall.  Or, a copy of the Comprehensive Plan w/maps and the Model Zoning & Subdivision Regulations is available for review at the Coffey County Library – New Strawn Branch.  There is also an updated acknowledgments page, City staff & consultants page and Official Comprehensive Development Plan Approval page in the copy provided to the library and at City Hall.

Model of New Zoning Regulations

Model of New Subdivision Regulations

Meetings & Work Sessions Pertaining to Comprehensive Plan

2013 July 19 special meeting minutes

Planning Commission Meeting Feb 2017

Planning Commission Work Session Aug 24 2017

Planning Commission Minutes Dec 19 2017

Corrected NS Planning Commission Minutes Dec 19, 2017

Corrected NS Planning Commission Minutes Jan 16, 2018

*Note:  The minutes from the January 16, 2018 meeting were corrected at the February 13, 2018 meeting due to the misspelling of Kyle Hinterweger’s name.

NS Planning Commission minutes Feb 13, 2018

*Note:  The minutes from the February 13, 2018 meeting are unapproved and a draft only 

Zoning Administrator

Martha Newkirk

Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals Members

Robert Harkrader – Chairman

Kyle Hinterweger – Vice Chairman

Mike Skillman – Secretary *Extra Territorial Representative

Doug Feldhausen – *Extraterritorial Representative

Richard Mahoney

Council Liaison to Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals:

Jim Weeks