Cost of registering your pet is: $2 for animals that are spayed or neutered; $5 for unaltered animals. Licenses are valid for the 2020 calendar year. If you forget to do it in January, you can still get your pet registered in February or March, but the cost of the license doubles for each month you are late: $4 and $10 in February, $8 and $20 in March. REMINDER: Any owner or harborer of an animal that is found to be without a current license may be fined up to $500, plus any cost incurred by the city related to enforcing the animal code. Tagging your pet is really more for your ‘peace of mind’ than anything. Even dogs and cats that live almost entirely in the house occasionally ‘escape’ to the great outdoors and a tag makes it much easier to reunite an owner with an animal. More information regarding Animal Control and Regulation can be found under City Ordinances.