Missed Trash Pick-ups

Normal residential trash collection occurs every Friday in New Strawn.  If Republic Services has a designated holiday which occurs during the week, trash collection will be on Saturday instead. Republic Services usually arrives in town very early, so it’s important to have your trash sitting curbside by 7:30 a.m.  Occasionally, a missed pick-up may occur.  If that happens, please call City Hall as soon as possible.   The driver is now checking with City Hall before leaving town to ensure no one’s trash is forgotten.  If you arrive home later in the day and realize your trash did not get picked up, please still notify City Hall.  Republic Services is usually able to return on Saturday or the following Monday to make the pick-up.  If that is just not feasible, the City may grant you permission to use the dumpster at our city shop.  However, it is NOT acceptable to dump your trash under any circumstances at the community building.  That dumpster is reserved for folks that rent the building.