Fish Species and Limits

Black CrappieBlack Crappie

10 inch min. length limit; 5/day creel limit; 50/yearly creel limit

Black Crappie is not as wide spread in Kansas as white crappie. The black is better suited for small impoundments with clear water, such as New Strawn City Lake. The regulations and large amount of habitat will allow for good production of crappie. The black crappie should offer good panfishing opportunities every year.

Bluegill SunfishBluegill Sunfish

8 inch min. length limit; 5/day creel limit; 50/yearly creel limit

The bluegill is perhaps the most popular panfish in Kansas. New Strawn City Lake’s high density of predators to control bluegill numbers combined with the supplemental feeding, and the length and creel limits, will create a unique panfishing opportunity by producing bluegills in excess of 8 inches.

Channel CatfishChannel Catfish

15 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit; 20 yearly creel limit

The channel catfish is the bread and butter of Kansas fishing. Supplemental feeding at New Strawn City Lake allows double the normal stocking rate, and the regulations protect them from over harvest, allowing them to grow to very large sizes. Supplemental stocking of catfish is done each year to maintain a quality population of catfish good harvest. The lake has channel catfish in excess of 10 pounds.

Largemouth BassLargemouth Bass

21 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit; 20/yearly creel limit

An exciting program utilizing largemouth that are trained to feed on dry processed food exists at New Strawn. The advantage of this is that the lake can support more bass and they can obtain large sizes faster. Length limit of 21 inches allows the bass to reach trophy size before harvest. The bass will be managed for recreation.

Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout

2/day creel limit

New Strawn City Lake stocks the lake each year with trout in early January. The rainbow and golden trout range from ½ pound to 5 pounds. Trout season is from January to May 1st each year. A City Trout Stamp is required, but not a State Trout Stamp. There is no Catch and Release provision in effect. Prepared bait and small spinners yield the best results.

Smallmouth BassSmallmouth Bass

18 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit

Smallmouth bass were stocked to add variety to the bass population. It is expected that the stocking of smallmouth bass will provide excellent catch and release, with some individuals reaching trophy size (18 inches). Natural recruitment of smallmouth bass is not expected, so the original stocking will make up the only year class.


15 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit

A population of walleye adds variety and recreation to New Strawn City Lake. In future years, 10-inch walleye will be stocked to maintain the population.


18 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit; 50/ yearly creel limit

Perhaps one of the best fighting fish in Kansas waters, the wiper is a cross between a white bass and a striped bass. The wipers are also trained to feed on dry pellets, which enable them to reach a large size. Wipers are commonly caught on artificial bait. The wipers at New Strawn City Lake are expected to reach weights of up to 10 pounds.