Yard of the Month Contest – December Winner Mike & Deb Stukey!

Great looking yards for December including Fosters on 6th Street; Allens, Andersons, Downeys, Hallers, Howards, Tattons, and Weeks on Arrowhead Drive; Heaths on 5th Street; Haehns on Seneca Circle as well as many others. New Strawn Christmas decorations look better each year. Thank you to all who participated! Next year, the City will expand its recognition and award more prizes.


City Hall Closed New Year’s Day

City Hall will be closed New Year’s Day. You may pay your bill online or drop a payment in the box on the front of the building. If you have a water or sewer emergency please call the city superintendent at 620-364-9135.



Cost of registering your pet is: $2 for animals that are spayed or neutered; $5 for unaltered animals. Licenses are valid for the 2020 calendar year. If you forget to do it in January, you can still get your pet registered in February or March, but the cost of the license doubles for each month you are late: $4 and $10 in February, $8 and $20 in March. REMINDER: Any owner or harborer of an animal that is found to be without a current license may be fined up to $500, plus any cost incurred by the city related to enforcing the animal code. Tagging your pet is really more for your ‘peace of mind’ than anything. Even dogs and cats that live almost entirely in the house occasionally ‘escape’ to the great outdoors and a tag makes it much easier to reunite an owner with an animal. More information regarding Animal Control and Regulation can be found under City Ordinances.


Trash Service at Remer’s Point

Trash service was unable to drive truck to certain areas Friday, January 17, in particular, Remer’s Point due to icy roads. They also have truck issues that will be resolved and trash will be picked up by Wednesday, January 22. The city clerk will be attempting to contact customers who are experiencing the inconvenience. Our sincerest apologies.


Trash Schedule

Trash services are provided through the City of New Strawn. Trash is picked up on Fridays in New Strawn unless an observed holiday, in which case, trash will be picked up on Saturday (SEE SCHEDULE BELOW). Please have your waste containers at the curb by 6:30 a.m.

2020 Holiday Schedule for Trash Pick-up

Saturday after New Year’s Day (Adjusted Pick-up)

Saturday after Memorial Day (Adjusted Pick-up)

Saturday after Independence Day (Adjusted Pick-up)

Saturday after Labor Day (Adjusted Pick-up)

Saturday after Thanksgiving (Adjusted Pick-up)

Saturday after Christmas (Adjusted Pick-up)



For the protection of their employees, they will pick up “cart contents only” and it will be at the discretion of the driver regarding bags only at curbs; i.e. garbage needs to be inside a trash bag AND inside a trash container. If you have a container as well as any bags on the ground, the driver will not pick up the extra bags. Items can possibly poke through or animals may tear them open causing safety concerns for the driver. They have suspended picking up bulk items nationwide.



Due to COVID-19 (the coronavirus) we are taking precautionary measures. City Hall is temporarily closed to the public. Please use the night drop or online bill pay. If you need other information, please call 620-364-8283. For a water emergency, please call 620-364-1480 or 620-490-1343. Our apologies for any inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation!


FARMERS MARKET 2020 ~ Wednesdays 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. starting June 3 – October 28 – City Hall Parking Lot

Farmers Market Rules


Only growers or producers may sell. A grower or producer is any person offering for sale articles such as fruits, honey, vegetables, edible grains, nuts, berries, plants, flowers, arts, crafts, preserves, jellies, jams, or baked goods, such as breads, cookies, or pies (ITEMS WHICH REQUIRE REFRIGERATION MAY NOT BE SOLD) which have been raised, grown, or created by his/herself, members of his/her family, or by persons in his/her employ. Sellers must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult.


  • Baked goods which require refrigeration (i.e. cream pies) MAY NOT be sold
  • Home Processed canned goods MAY NOT be sold. (With Exception: jams and jellies)
  • Meat MAY NOT be sold
  • Guns & Knives May Not be sold
  • Rummage/Garage sale items May Not be sold
  • Hazardous Items/Materials (i.e. fireworks, ammunition) May Not be sold
  • Selling of Large or small animals May Not be sold


Fresh agricultural produce, arts and crafts, preserves, jams, jellies, honey, bread, and baked goods such as breads, cookies, or pies may be sold. Produce is defined as fruit, vegetables, preserves, honey, bread products, baked goods, flowers, and plants. Produce should be mature but not overripe, void of decay, have good external and internal appearance, and must be clean and free of contamination. Arts and crafts are defined as hand-made arts and crafts.

Shipped-in farm products which cannot be grown or are not in season in Kansas and which are NOT in competition with local products may be sold.

Fresh farm eggs may be sold as nest-run (i.e. ungraded). Such eggs must be sold ONLY to household customers. The eggs must be clean and free from checks. If containers are used for the sale of eggs, they MUST either be new or the old labeling must be removed or marked out completely. If you are selling fertilized eggs, you must advise the buyer of this. While farm fresh eggs do not require immediate refrigeration, you should use common sense in this situation. Be prepared to refrigerate or otherwise keep the eggs cool (not frozen) during long, hot markets.

Further, you might consider taking orders from consumers. NOTE: the eggs must be from the producer’s (i.e. Seller’s) own flock of hens.


Produce may be sold by weight, volume or count. If selling by weight, your scales are subject to inspection by the Division of Weights and Measures. Only oil-balance and spring scales (stating “Temperature Compensated”) are certified for trade. Therefore, selling by count or volume may prove to be easier. However, you may want scales to give the customer an idea of the weight of the volume being sold. Such a scale should be marked “For Estimate Only”.

Each producer will have the privilege and responsibility to establish prices on his/her own products.

Producer should provide containers (i.e. bags/ sacks) for the consumers.

Each producer should post a sign in a conspicuous manner in his/her area, identifying the producer by name. Lettering must be clearly legible.

All producers should prepare on poster board or cardboard in large print a list of their products and prices, or in some other way indicate the prices of various products.

Just as a reminder, be prepared to make change for the customer.


Exchange of produce and/or refunds on produce will be left to the discretion of the producer.


Each producer and seller will be responsible for their collection and payment of sales tax.


The Farmers Market will begin the first Wednesday in June  and will run through the last Wednesday in October.

The Market is open Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.



Help Wanted: City Clerk Position Available

HELP WANTED: The City of New Strawn is seeking applicants for the position of City Clerk. 30 to 40 per hours week. Under the supervision of the mayor/city council, the City Clerk performs administrative and financial duties. The City Clerk maintains all municipal, fiscal and legal records. The city Clerk acts as contact between the citizens and the government of the city. This position is vital to the day-to-day operation of the city. The city Clerk attends work sessions and council meetings. Technical or college degree preferred. candidate must have working experience/knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, QuickBooks and the ability to operate office equipment. Starting salary based on experience. Benefits include vacation, eight holidays, two personal days, life insurance after six months, sick leave and KPERS. Application can be obtained from New Strawn City Hall, 215 N. Main, 8 a.m. to noon and 12:30 2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Applications will be accepted through noon, Monday, August 10. EEO